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July 23: Justin Bieber talking to a paparazzi about Selena (0:05)

This is just too cute, I had to reblog.

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July 23rd- Kylie arriving at LAX

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Fashion, cute boys, and celebs. x

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Fashion, cute boys, and celebs. x

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Kim and Khloe get into a fight.

kimkardashian: Our baby girl finished one week of swimming lessons today then took her 1st steps right when she got out of the pool! Mommy & Daddy are so proud of you!!!!!! Photo cred: Daddy

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This is too cute!!

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Fashion, cute boys, and celebs. x

🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 hey

Asked by Anonymous

hey beautiful!! x

My honest opinion on you and your acc is that your perfect, I know people say no one is perfect but you really because your not scared to say your opinion, something I cannot do. I always care what other people say and I wish as hell that I was like you, sure you do get hate but you handle it so good, you are really want I always wanted to be. Love you

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This is honestly the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. I am not perfect, but for you to say I am, makes me feel better about myself. You have no clue how good this makes me feel. I cannot stop smiling! I think everyone has the right to say their opinion, because in life, you can’t be a follower, cause you will never move on in life. I try my hardest, and hate just makes this whole entire experience more memorable to be honest. & thank you for saying you want to be like me, I couldn’t thank you More!! You should really start posting on your blog, I bet it will be a good one!! Love you babe!! x